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About Me

Hello and welcome to Four Sweetie Pies! My name is Connie Barhorst and I am the proud stay-at-home mom to my four children, Ellen, Kyle, Carter and Allison. My husband, Jeff ,and I have been married for 18 years, We were Catholic high-school sweethearts from Peoria, IL. We live in Grayslake, IL in a nationally recognized  environmental community called Prairie Crossing. I’ve been asked many times “what is your dream? what will you do now that your kids are getting older?” Id say im living my dream. Even before my first child was born I knew I wanted to stay at home with my children. Yes, definitely a privilege but a conscious choice I made and I have relished every moment.

My passion is food. Cooking, eating, entertaining, dining out, scouring cookbooks, websites, television shows for recipes and exploring new stores for ingredients and culinary gadgetry.  Anything to do with food, I love.  I enjoy making food for the people I love. It brings me great joy to share the food I have created with my family and friends.

I have some special interests that I will explore in my blog such as healthy cooking and baking (including Points Plus counting), utilizing fresh vegetables from the farmers market, entertaining, exploring new restaurants and indulging in the occasional sweet treat. Most of my recipes are nut-free due to the fact that I have a daughter who has a life-threatening tree-nut allergy. I am very sensitive to that issue and have always baked for whatever school occasion or party so that Ellen could partake in the treats. I know first hand what stress a food allergy can be to parents and I support companies that cater to those who have that special need.

Four Sweetie Pies is a new venture for me. I have much to learn and look forward to your suggestions as well as connecting to some fabulous cooks!

Let’s get cooking!

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  1. Sally Bosch Osherow

    I love your creation of and all you are offering in fabulous recipes. I am sooo very proud of you, honey!! Much love, mom


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