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What to make for dinner???

What should I make for dinner?! The never-ending question…It’s been a crazy weekend around here, with Jeff traveling and my kids going in a hundred different directions, I want to make something healthy, but quick at the same time. I have a beautiful eggplant in my fridge that is still in its prime so im thinking something around the eggplant is what I’ll make :) I’ve got basil, lovely fresh lettuce, garlic and some shallots…so a pasta dish im thinking….. After perusing some web-sites, I came up with “Eggplant Pomodoro Pasta” from the Eating Well Magazine site. I’m excited to try my take on this recipe because I just happened to subscribe to this magazine last week! I havent received my first copy yet, but im anxious to see what it’s all about and how the recipes are.

I’m always asked about where I find my recipes, I definitely have my favorite sources..I read a lot of cooking magazines (Cooking Light and Everyday Food by Martha Stewart are a couple of favorites) I scour websites, buy cookbooks and exchange with friends, both online and in-person. Ive really been into healthy cooking the last year. Pinterest has been a great source and Weight Watches Magazine another for some healthy options and modifications. With 4 kids,  I spend a lot of time in the orthodontist, dentist and doctors offices…my latest recipe source is taking pictures with my beloved iPhone and saving for later. For the record..I am not ripping out of the doctors magazines! Although when desperate have been known to do that too :)

Off  transport another child, then I will deal with my eggplant :)

Review: It was good, a nice dish to use up a lot of produce and/or if you are trying to go meatless! The feta was a nice addition, a change from my usualy parmesan.

Bon Appetit!


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